With 4 backgrounds and custom prints, I ensure Selfie Pod becomes the major attraction at your event or product launch.

Unlike any other photo booth, the small compact size that this booth has to offer makes it the perfect addition to any event.


  • A sleek, modern, photo booth
  • Hidden within this sleek photo booth is state of the art photographic technology
  • Selfie pod can be totally customised to incorporate your logo, pictures that link with the theme of your event, images of your products or any other element of your brand identity.
  • Choose one of 4 Selfie Pod backdrops to appear behind the guest in the photo. The backdrop can be easily branded to compliment your event and offer great advertising space


  • Allow the Selfie Pod to interact with your guests, as the touchscreen technology guides them to create unique photos, uniquely styled shots or custom gifs
  • We treat guests to a fully branded A5 photographic print
  • Complete the Selfie Pod experience with instant social sharing, pre defined hashtags, data collection and social tracking

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